Yogan Muller

Yogan Muller is a practice-based PhD candidate at ENSAV La Cambre and Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

He articulates landscape theory and photography and takes the ongoing ecological mutations as a tremendous opportunity to redefine what we commonly call "landscape".

Classical (pivotal) modern ontologies such as nature/culture or human/non-human are deeply undermined in the wake of the Anthropocene, a term he understands as the end of the era of "detachment", "distance", "neutrality". It is an incredible challenge.

Not uninterestingly, our notion of landscape heavily rests upon the above-mentionned classical dualities. Because they are rendered mute on a daily basis, the very notion of landscape needs renewed clarification.

Aligning practice and theory, he chose Iceland to photograph that mutual support (i.e. that “earthian” bond), bringing the dualistic entities together in the frame in a sense of fraternity.