Yogan Müller

Born January 1st 1987, Yogan Müller is a landscape scholar and photographer.

In november 2018 he was awarded a practice-based PhD in landscape photography and epistemology from the ENSAV La Cambre and the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. He shows how photography was tied to statistics, railroads and thermodynamics and how, in the second half of the nineteenth century, the medium was instrumental in setting up a framework of a quantitative nature, especially in the American West.

Iceland is where he has been doing most of his field work lately. Rehearsing the nature/culture divide, the landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula served as a proving grounds for his doctoral thesis. There, he used the very medium that attracts growing flocks of visitors on the island in order to epitomize the closing epistemological gap between nature and culture at the dawn of the Anthropocene.

His long-standing interest in and understanding of our changing landscape translates into his photography and in a series of personal commitments.