Selected CV

Born January 1, 1987, in SW France.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 

2024–present: Long-Term Photobook Program, Penumbra Foundation, New York, United States.
2018: Practice-Based PhD in Photography, ENSAV La Cambre and Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.
2010: MA Moving Image (rank: 2), University of Bordeaux, France.
2008: BA Moving Image, University of Bordeaux, France.
2007: B.Sc. Math, University of Bordeaux, France.

2023: Nuits de la Photo, Halle de la Villette, October 7, Paris, France.
2023: Voies OFF, July 3-7, Arles, France.
2023: Brewery Art Walk, with Ryan McInstosh, April 29-30, Los Angeles.
2023: Photo Forward LA, with Ryan McIntosh Collection, Danziger Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, February 18-19.
2022: Art in the time of Corona vol.2 (year 2), DabArt Gallery, group show, October 23-December 31, Los Angeles, USA.
2022: Obscura x NFT Art Venice Biennale, with SuperChief Gallery, European Cultural Center, Venice, Italy, October 2022.
2022: Obscura at NFT NYC 22, popup group show with Obscura DAO’s founders and commissioned artists, June 23. See
2022: Photo Rotterdam 2022, group show, May 18-22, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2022: Two Years After the Storm, popup group show and NFT drop launch, The Hot Shot Muffler, Highland Park, Los Angeles, April 9.
2022: Parisian Ecologies, symposium and pop-up show curated by Claire Nettleton, April 8, 2022, Benton Museum of Art at Pomona College, Claremont, California.
2021: ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ VOL. 1, group show, Dabart Gallery, online show, Los Angeles, Summer 2021.
2020: Phenomenology of Hope, group show (curators: Eli Joteva, Khang Nguyen, Kio Griffith), August 8-September 30,
2018: Practice-based thesis solo show, Galerie Été 78 in collaboration with ENSAV La Cambre and Université libre de Bruxelles, November 27–28, Brussels, Belgium.
2018: A Forest, group show (curator: Laurent Courtens), L'Iselp (, September 21–December 15, Brussels, Belgium.
2018: Paradis infernaux/Enfer paradisiaque, group show, 6th triennial of Photography and Architecture (curator: Marc Mawet), March 15–May 18, Faculté d’architecture La Cambre-Horta, Brussels, Belgium.
2017: Hraun , solo show, Reykjavík Photography Museum (Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur), October 5–December 12, Reykjavík, Iceland.
2015: Hraun, solo show (curator: Laurent Courtens), L'Iselp (, November 26–December 12, Brussels, Belgium.
2015: The Cloud of Unknowing, group show (curator: Pieter Vermeulen), January 15–30, Hôtel van de Velde, Brussels, Belgium.
2014: La chaleur de l'usure, group show (curators: Amélie de Beauffort and Pierre Baumann), November 6–December 13, Brussels, Belgium.
2014: Sérendipité, group show (curator: Alain van der Hofstadt), January 29–February 28, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium.
2012: Projective spaces, solo show, Semaine du son 2012, January 16–28, Forum des Arts de Talence, France. 
2011: La part des anges, solo show in collaboration with Charlotte Villard, February 11–12, Château Pape-Clément, Pessac, France.
2010: Multiple Bordeaux, city-wide solo show, May 26–June 10, Bordeaux, France.

2024: Desma 173, Special Topics in Visual Communication and Image, “Drones and LA Water Narratives,” TA: Karine Fleurima; Guest lecturers: AnMarie Ramona-Mendoza (UCLA Luskin), Debra Scacco (Artist, Professor at Cal State University Dominguez Hills), Bonny Bentzin (UCLA Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer); winter quarter, UCLA DMA.
2023: Desma 160, Special Topics, “Photography, Exponential” (AI and the photographic image), TA: Hyun Cho; Guest lecturers: Ahmed Elgammal (Rutgers University), Margaret Murphy, Minne Atairy (Barnard); fall quarter, UCLA DMA.
2023: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorials, spring quarter, D|MA Dept., UCLA.
2023: Desma 173, Special Topics in Visual Communication and Image: Drones + Photogrammetry, winter quarter, UCLA DMA.
2022: Desma 195B, Community or Corporate Internships, Mentor, fall quarter, UCLA DMA.
2022: Desma 160, Special Topics, “Photography and Ecology,” fall quarter, TA: Doyeon Kim; Guest lecturer: Alejandro Cartagena, UCLA DMA.
2022: Desma 199, Independent Directed Research, Mentor, UCLA DMA.
2022: Desma 154, Word and Image, “Care!,” spring quarter, TA: Alvaro Azcárraga, UCLA DMA.
2022: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorials, spring quarter, UCLA DMA.
2021: Desma 99, Independent Directed Research, Mentor, fall quarter, UCLA DMA.
2021: Desma 160, Special Topics, “Photography and Ecology”, fall quarter, TA: Don Edler, Guest lecturer: Karen Hellman (Getty Museum); UCLA DMA.
2021: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorials, spring quarter, UCLA DMA.
2021: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorials, winter quarter, UCLA DMA.
2021: Desma 160, Special Topics, "Photography and Ecology", Winter quarter, TA: Alvaro Azcárraga; Guest lecturers: Marie-José Jongerius, Mark Ruwedel, Rebeca Méndez; UCLA DMA.
2020: Desma 160, Special Topics, "Anthropocene and Digitization", Fall quarter, TA: Alvaro Azcárraga; Guest lecturers: Jean-François Blanchette (UCLA IS), Johanna Drucker (UCLA DMA & IS Departments), Yvonne Lee (LACMA), Sharon Mustri (BloombergNEF), David Nuñez (MIT Museum), UCLA DMA.
2020: Desma 154, Word and Image, "For Good Measure", Spring quarter, co-taught with Pr. Dr. Rebeca Méndez, TA: Zeynep Abes, UCLA DMA.
2020: Desma 404, Visiting MFA tutorial, Winter quarter, UCLA DMA.
2020: Desma 173, Special Topics in Visual Communication and Image, "Landscape Photography and Energy", TA: Erin Cooney,UCLA DMA. 

Academic honors and grants
2024: UCLA Unit-18 Professional Development Award, Los Angeles, US.
2023: UCLA Green Initiative Fund, with Counterforce Lab, Los Angeles, US.
2022: UCLA Green Initiative Fund, with Counterforce Lab, Los Angeles, US.
2021: UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education, Los Angeles, US. 
2021: UCLA Transdisciplinary Acceleration Grant, with the Counterforce and Pamela Yeh labs, Los Angeles, US.
2020: UCLA Green Initiative Fund, with Counterforce Lab, UCLA, US. 
2017: Alice et David van Buuren fund, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.
2010: FSDIE fund (’Fonds de Soutien aux Initiatives Etudiantes,’ i.e., Student Initiative Fund), University of Bordeaux, France.

Awards and grants
2022: ‘Two Years After the Storm,’ Obscura DAO Community Commission with the patronage of Jim Goldberg (Magnum Photos), United States/Metaverse.
2021: “Who We Are” grant, Obscura DAO, United States/Metaverse.
2019: Bourse du talent #80, finalist, Paris, France.
2011: Special prize, Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, Bordeaux, France.
2009: City of Bordeaux Cultural Fund, France.
2007: French student photographer of the year, 3rd prize, Paris, France.

2011: Magnum Photos workshop,  FotoDoks festival, October 12-16, Munich, Germany.
2009: Magnum Photos Masterclass workshop, Noorderlicht photography festival, September 2-6, Gröningen, The Netherlands.
2008: Magnum Photos masterclass workshop, October 8-12, University of Brighton, UK.

2023: Telotypes, self-published monograph, edition of 100 in collaboration with Trois Studio and Sorella Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
2022: Who We Are, anthology emanating from Obscura DAO’s eponomymous NFT portrait commission, Setanta Books, London. You can order it here.
2018: “Paysage : de démarche en (dé)construction photographique,” practice-based PhD thesis in landscape photography, self-published, edition of 12, bookbinding by Trois Studio, Brussels, Belgium.

Artist residencies
2018: Cheval noir, May and June, Brussels, Belgium.
2017: SÍM, September and October, Reykjavík, Iceland.
2016: AIRE, March, Dexia Art Center, Brussels, Belgium.
2015: ISELP, November and December, Brussels, Belgium.
2013: NES, April through June, Skagaströnd, Iceland.
2012: SCRIME, Dec. 2011 & Jan. 2012, University of Bordeaux, France.
2011: SÍM, January-April, Reykjavík, Iceland.

2009: Magnum Photos, February-March, London, UK.
2006: Agence France Press, January + August, Paris & Bordeaux, France.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF), Paris, France.
Galerie Été 78, Brussels, Belgium.
Obscura Museum (Metaverse).

2020: Ashley Lifton, “With online instruction, DESMA classes foster collaboration and creativity”, The Daily Bruin, April 22 2020, read online.
2020: “Topography of a Spirit”, Interview with Mona Kuhn, L’Œil de la photographie, read online.
2018: Jean-Marc Bodson, La Libre Belgique (Belgium).
2015: Danielle Leenaerts, “Ce que la recherche fait à l’art”, L’Art Même (Belgium), no. 67, page 41, read online.

Yogan Müller (he/him) is a photographer whose work engages with the ecological crisis and its mounting pressures on landscapes and communities. Yogan is a first-generation graduate.

He explores the geological picture of the Anthropocene/Capitalocene with photography, photogrammetry, drones, and artificial intelligence. Fieldwork, critical approaches to landscape, art research, and design are at the core of his artistic process. His projects take shape through typography, printing and the book form.

After the unexpected and traumatic losses of his father in February 2022 and his step-father in June of that same year–both were born and grew up in Algeria, métisse identity, belonging, and fractured roots became central themes in his work.

In October 2019, he joined the Counterforce Lab, a group of ecologically-minded artists and designers led by Prof. Dr. Rebeca Méndez at the UCLA Design Media Arts (DMA) Department. He started teaching at DMA in January 2020. Occasionally, he works as a studio assistant for fine art photographer Mona Kuhn.

In November 2018, he graduated with a practice-based PhD in Photography from ENSAV La Cambre and Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. He explored how photography made us enter the picture of the Anthropocene and conducted fieldwork in SW Iceland.

Yogan has taught at the University of Bordeaux in France (2009-2010), UCLA Design Media Arts (2020–2024), and will teach at the Penumbra Foundation (fall ’24 and winter ’25).

For further inquiries, please contact the studio:
︎ contact at yogan dash muller dot com

︎ yoganmuller
︎ yogan_muller

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