Hraun II
SW Iceland, 2017

Another two months in Iceland working along the classical frontier epitomized by the slash in nature/culture, human/non-human.

That was trip #7 and I eventually came to terms with what is painful albeit obvious: the human agency is everywhere, even in Iceland. Yet the Icelandic tourist industry keeps selling the image of an unspoilt nature to millions of tourists.

With a steady 20-25% increase in the number of inbound visitors each year, and the subsequent environmental pressure, the thriving Icelandic economy may well exert unpleasant collateral damages on the landscape.

If in my previous series Hraun, I often bluntly photographed the slash, this time around I strived to diminish the immediate importance of the dualistic frontier by scattering it.

These images are meant to be printed large to suggest with greater depth and acuity that the authoritarian slash is now flat gone.