Tracy Hills
Tracy Hills, August 2021–Present

Tracy Hills is a new master-planned community in the San Joaquin Valley, two hours east of San Francisco, California.

On Tracy Hills official website, one can read about “endless amenities,” “room for everything,” “countless possibilities to take home further” among other cathphrases that suggest unboundedness.

With climate change, the scorching drought that plagues the American Southwest, or the fact that such remote communities heavily rely on cheap fossil fuels for their residents to commute to distant city hubs, Tracy Hills seems to examplify short-sighted fast-buck real estate opportunities. Hence, one is pressed to wonder how long these cheap stuccoed houses will stand.

As my friend Ryan McIntosh notes: “Even in the midst of a climate crisis, rising housing costs are pushing families into the far-flung ‘exurbs’ like Tracy Hills, which are being built out beyond the suburbs. The American dream of owning a single-family home means these developments continue to thrive despite state and local officials’ recognizing that they only exacerbate the climate change problem.”

This is an ongoing collaboration with Ryan McIntosh. See his take here: